ICICI Bank – Most customer-friendly bank (in my opinion at least)

I guess it is time that I gave credit to ICICI Bank as being one of the most customer-friendly banks around in India today. Hold on, I am not pronouncing them as the most customer-friendly bank yet, but read on and you’ll understand as to why I am quite impressed with them.

They have devised a system wherein anybody who enters the branch has to enter details such as whether they are a customer or not, the purpose of their visit, ie, cash withdrawal, demand draft requisition, account related enquiry, general enquiry, etc and get a token from a machine which pretty much resembles an ATM machine, just much more simpler to operate. Now once these details are entered, the visitor gets a token with a alphanumeric code and a number.

Armed with this token, the visitor seats himself in a row of chairs which resembles the waiting lounges in airports and waits for his turn. Considering that all the counters of the bank are single-window counters, ie, each counter is capable of resolving any bank-related issue, it doesn’t take too long for your turn to come up.

Moving on, the person behind the counter is all work. No bullshit about servers not responding, this is not my department, I will redirect you to the right person, etc. Each bank representative is fully equipped to handle any query thrown at them by the visitor.

Considering that the average waiting time to get called to the counter is around 5 mins and the total time spent in the bank is only around 15 mins, this is good customer-service by any standards, wouldn’t you say.



4 thoughts on “ICICI Bank – Most customer-friendly bank (in my opinion at least)

  1. Yes Tamizhan,I do agree that this was how we used to withdraw money from nationalized banks, and still do, but it’s surprising that none of the other banks thought about it till now.Yes Manish,I do hope to post more regularly. Welcome back to reading my blog

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