Dhoom macha le dhoom !!!

Well, what with all the hype and hoop-la surrounding the movie, one has no choice but to go and watch the movie in the first week itself.

To be honest, I haven’t actually watched Dhoom, but then I’ve heard a lot about the amazing bikes in the movie, the good stunts and the decent plot of the movie. Plus, I’ve seen the trailers and the promos of Dhoom-2 and man, are they slick or what? Anybody who loves good photography and professionally performed stunts in movies are bound to fall for the amazing trailer that the producers/director has come up with.

Truth be told, I’m a total sucker for Aishwarya Rai and her looks and have been so for quite a while now (almost 12 yrs now). And dudes, is she smoking or what in D-2. She’s apparently lost more than a little weight, her tanned makeup, and the fact that she’s done all her stunts in this movie make it more than little inviting for me to watch the movie.

Shall put up a review of D-2 early next week, coz there’s no way that I’m not gonna watch it this weekend.



2 thoughts on “Dhoom macha le dhoom !!!

  1. I too have been lured by the promos, but my lackadaisical attitude towards going to theatres might as well prevent me from watching the movie till the CDs are out.

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