Politicians and sports

The following article just exhibits how shallow the knowledge of our honorable Members of Parliament is regarding sport and more so, our proxy national sport Cricket and how exactly the game is played on the field.

I was just reading this article as to how the MPs have strongly reacted to the cricket coach Greg Chappell’s comments regarding how “the MPs were doing their job. I am not surprised. They are paid to do so in Parliament,” after India’s 106 run defeat in the third ODI in South Africa. Here go some of the reactions of the MPs to Chappell’s comments –

– CPI MP Gurudas Dasgupta said the former Australian captain “had no business” to make such comments. “Chappell doesn’t understand the nuances of democracy,” he said.

– “Let nobody lecture us” on what the MPs’ job was, Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said.

– “Chappell is responsible for India’s poor show,” Shahid Siddiqui, MP of Samajwadi Party, said.

Now, could Mr Dasgupta please explain to the public at large as to how ‘the nuances of democracy’ have the remotest connection to the poor performance of the so-called superstars of the Indian Cricket team.

While I couldn’t agree with Mr Chatterjee when he says that nobody should lecture the MPs on how to do their job, I humbly suggest that Mr Chatterjee himself refrain from telling the Indian Cricket coach as to how he as to run his team.

And what was Mr Siddiqui thinking when he made a statement pinning the entire blame of India’s poor show on the coach. If I remember right, it was the 11 grossly overpaid, under-performing individuals on the field who lost the match for India and not the coach.

Maybe it is time that our honorable MPs started worrying about more burning issues in India rather than sit and waste their precious Parliament Session time discussing mundane matters such as the Indian cricket performances on the South African tour. Or maybe, they consider it necessary as a ‘nuance of democracy’ 😉

In my personal opinion, India should thank its stars that it managed to get foreign coaches of the caliber of John Wright and Greg Chappell to coach this hotch-potch group of highly talented, but urgently-in-need-of-an-attitude-change individuals which we fondly refer to as the Indian Cricket team.

I’ve just started reading “Indian Summers” by John Wright and am now getting a clearer picture of the other side of Indian cricket.



5 thoughts on “Politicians and sports

  1. Hey Jam,I do agree with ur reaction over the controversy. But there is one thing that u need to remember. The Indian team was performing reasonably well under John Wright (who was in charge before the respected Greg Chappel) and Saurav Ganguly. After the Greg took charge of the team, the team was made to shambles and have become a bunch of bafoons trying to recreate magic of the past rather than trying to understand the strategic changes other teams have adopted. This has to do very much with the coach; not to leave the captain. My only solution to this mess is, pull out the maniac coach, Greg and bring back Dada. We dont need a foriengner to dictate things over us. There are efficient and capable individuals who can manage the job. We dont need a coach who dont understand the individuals of the team and tries to make them into someone whom he has seen during his playing days. None of the cricket greats were perfect. They all had their weaknesses. They knew the weakness well and countered them in an effective manner. This what a coach hav e to do for the team. Install an Indian coach and bring back Dada to the team. :)hitchcock

  2. Now how on Earth can ‘DADA’ help the Indian team????I do not even remember the last time he really performed well! Guess it was aegis back!And bringing him back again would mean new sets of controversies and politics cropping up, which is no good.Indian or foreigner coach- the bottomline is that the Indian team really needs a change in their attitude. And any coach who can help achieve this is good enough for the team. Greg Chappel understands this, r moreover nothing can be done overnight…Josh

  3. kilstaa machi (ram kumar style) was expecting u 2 blog from long time..u r back with bang…india has been lagging in development right from independence, but no MP has ever taken enuf time to bother abt the issues like corruption, poverty in thier own offices n now they r joinin in the band wagon to criticise.

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