Dhoom-2, the review

Ok, here goes the Dhoom-2 review as promised in an earlier post. Yes, I couldn’t quite watch the movie in its first week in theatres, but isn’t that a testimony of the fact that it is running to packed houses (which is why it was made in the first place).

Honestly, I came out a little disappointed with the movie. Although the trailer promises a slick action-packed movie with breathtaking stunts and the like, the only action sequences in the movie are pretty much covered in the trailer itself. The rest of the movie drags along quite slowly.

Although Sanjay Gadhvi, the director had a reasonably good script in hand, he somehow managed to convert a really good cops, robbers, and a nice robbery heist movie into a romantic potboiler. And this, my friends is what is bad about the movie.

The first 10 odd minutes where Hrithik appears as Mr A, pulls of a daring robbery from a train in the middle of the Namibian desert really sets the scene for an amazing movie, a-la Ocean’s Eleven or the Italian Job, but the remainder of the movie turns out to be more like a love-triangle with lots of useless characters coming in and out of the movie.

Bipasha Basu is totally unnecessary in the movie. But then considering that Aishwarya Rai refused to appear in a bikini in the movie, I guess the movie-makers thought that she was absolutely necessary, as she did the bikini scene.

While Uday Chopra’s comic capers are reasonably good, they are quite jarring and are out of sync with the rest of the movie.

Hrithik is a class apart from the rest of the movie’s cast with his charming elegant thievery. Abhishek Bachchan is totally wasted in this movie almost bordering on a guest appearance. Aish does reasonable justice to her role as well, but could have done a lot better in most of her scenes in the movie.

All in all, D-2 is a nice movie, although not worth all the hype it generated pre-release.



3 thoughts on “Dhoom-2, the review

  1. haha, somehow the world is full of aish-bashers. :-)I want to watch it just for the slickness of it.. but as it works for us folks here, shall wait for the DVD.

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