What’s it with men and cricket?

Yet another guest post from a good friend of mine. Interesting perspective to Indian men and their obsession with cricket.

Every single man i know is hooked to the game.

In my house, we watch reruns of cricket matches, we have loads of books and DVDs on cricket – on the World cup, the Ashes series and the works. And when there is a live match dont even think about changing the channel – even during the ad breaks!!

I know people whose passwords are a combination of the number of wickets taken by shane Warne and Ricky Ponting’s pet name. These guys rattle out statistics on matches – “The number of times India loses when Sachin scores a 50, The number of extras that India gave in our Match against Sri Lanka, Who won the toss in the Pakistan vs Ireland match etc etc. How do people remember this information?! I am sure every man has an extra corner in his brain just to store this kind of information because I cannot recall anything a day after the match is over!

Being the Indian cricket fan is very hard work. You have to change their sleep patterns, abandon your family / job to be awake at all hours just to follow the cricket on the TV. After rearranging their lives to show their support how were they rewarded? The Indians crash out of the world cup, don’t qualify to the Super 8s, fail to bat through the 50 overs in 2 out of their 3 matches, lose to even Bangladesh! After all the hype that was created it was a complete anticlimax! Clearly explains some grumpy guys around.

I read this a couple of days ago and thought it was quite hilarious- boy, do we get emotional about our cricket?!
Sachin ki pepsi pilao
Dhoni ko brylcream lagao
Rahul ko Castrol bharao
Saurav ko Chavanprash kilao
Lekin unko sab ko cricket mat khelvao!

However, Its business as usual for guys and I know how that regardless of the fact that India is out men will still continue to watch the game. We will still have the TV blasting at 2.30 am and loud cheers for every six that Hayden hits. One of my friends told me “Atleast now I can watch the remaining matches in peace without worrying about which matches India will lose!”

It is in their blood to watch the match, cheer the players, argue about who is better – Boucher or Gilchrist and provide their expert comments.

If you cant fight them, I would recommend you join them.



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