Life in a Metro – Movie Review

Life in a Metro is part of the list of movies that have been released in 2007, which deals with the love and lives of several people (the others being, Salaam-e-ishq and Honeymoon Travels). The director Anurag Basu, who earlier did Gangster, has successfully managed to weave a story that is contemporary and an attempt to showcase the lives of people in a metropolitan city. His story deals with different individuals, their lives, their complex relationships and the corrosion of ethical and moral values in modern society.

The characters in the movie are in some way linked to each other and the entire story is based on characters in Mumbai. The storyline is good but for some reason the movie doesn’t sweep you off your feet. Shilpa Shetty (Shikha) is a housewife in Mumbai, married to Kay Kay Menon (Ranjit). After several years of marriage they have no love left in their lives and end up fighting with each other most times. Kay Kay, who is a successful manager at a call center has an extra-marital affair with an associate in his organisation, Kangna Ranaut (Neha).

Sharman Joshi, an ambitious young lad, who also works in the same call centre secretly likes Neha but since Neha is the boss’ pet, he can do little but save her picture as a wallpaper on his mobile phone. Neha stays with Konkana Sen (Shruti).

Shruti and Shikha are sisters. Neha tells Shruti about her affair with the boss, but Shruti doesn’t realise that the boss is her brother-in-law. Shruti, is 30, works in the creative business is desperately looking to get married. In her quest, she meets Irfan Khan (Monty), a 38 year old unmarried man, through Their first meeting doesn’t go off well.

Shikha, who is a dancer, goes to meet her dance teacher (Nafisa Ali) regularly. During her trips she meets Shiny Ahuja, a budding actor, in the train station and they start enjoying each other’s company. Dharmendra, Nafisa Ali’s childhood love, comes to Bombay and wants to spend the rest of his days with her.

Metro has several stories happening concurrently but never is the viewer at any point confused. The director manages a range of emotions – from highly emotional scenes between Kay Kay and Shilpa to comic scenes between Konkana and Irfan Khan.

The movie also deals with several relationships spanning from gay relationships to relationship between sisters. The film is mixed for it has very real scenes that every urban Indian identifies with but there are also several scenes that are extremely filmy (especially in the end). The movie has superior performances by Kay Kay Menon, Irfan Khan, Konkana Sen, Shilpa Shetty and Sharman Joshi.

There are several drawbacks in the film. The Dharmendra-Nafisa Ali relationship sees an unfortunate end, which could have been avoided. Pritam’s band could have avoided appearing everytime there was a song.

The film is forward in several ways but sadly in the Shilpa Shetty- Kay Kay Menon story, Shilpa at the end of the movie stays on with a shattered Kay Kay Menon, after Kangana leaves him portraying the perfect Bharatiya Naari! The life of the movie is however the relationship between Konkana and Irfan. The two who don’t quite like each other, keep bumping into each other after which they realise that even though both of them are different they are happy in each other’s company.

Worth a watch, lacks a punch – that’s what Life in a Metro is about.

My rating – 2.5* out of 5*


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