The new "China Model"

Here’s an interesting new take on Chinese President Hu Jintao’s latest policies which have the following three phrases as their cornerstones or guiding principles –

– Harmonious Society

– Scientific Development Perspective
– Peaceful Development

Honestly speaking previous experiences of the Chinese in terms of aligning themselves with global economic and social realities have not been too successful, although complete credit has to be given to them for having developed their own country quite well. It remains to be seen whether the new “China Model” as it is being termed internationally works.

Am just re-linking the Businessweek article which brought my notice to the new China Model.



One thought on “The new "China Model"

  1. I remember Gorbachev having Perestroika and Glasnost. And boy did they change the country !!With China and HU, well, i guess they would have learnt the lessons well and have stricter batons. the least said, it is interesting and will be even more interesting to watch the developments..!

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