Pakistan’s tryst with democracy

This article in the TIME magazine provides an amazingly interesting perspective on the current state of democracy as a concept as is being adopted by Pakistan today.

The article takes the case of dismissed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry and his journey to a particular meeting to exemplify the immense amount of angst that the people of Pakistan have against current President Musharraf and his dual role of being both the President as well as the Chief of Army Staff.

Read this if you want to know one story about Pakistan which just has to be told.



3 thoughts on “Pakistan’s tryst with democracy

  1. The My Lords are standing up in the sub continent ! And its quite welcome i guess.The blokes who run the country need these checks and balances to keep them on track. The Indian SC taking up the clashes in Rajasthan, suo motto, is another case in point !But, to be a Paskistani taking on the President, is a different ball game altogher ! The report was rather interesting. Each rose petal showered, to me, represented repressed sentiments of the Pakistani people !

  2. Kavi,Nope, both links lead to the same article. Just making it easy for folks who missed out in the first line, that’s all.Cheers…….Jam

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