Deep Sea Love anyone?

Super rich sink to new depths for making love” – Now if this isn’t a headline which’ll make you read the associated news article, nothing can make you read a newspaper ever in life!!!

The TOI Bangalore edition had this headline right on the front page news. Although I m not too sure if this is front page news, the article itself throws some light on how the super rich of the world are spending their money.

Apparently, the latest trend in holidaying is the deep seas with personal submarines. And the gist of the article states that nowadays personal submarines and more importantly, making love with a panoramic view of the sea is the ‘in thing’ nowadays.

While this in itself may seem quite boring, what makes the entire article interesting is the fact that apparently our marine bretheren (the dolphins in particular) have this peculiar trait where they can sense people making love in the neighborhood and get extremely jealous. So what do they do when they are jealous? They just go ahead and start banging their noses on the windows where the act of love-making is going on.

By the time I finished reading this article, I was quite lost for words, as my fundamental idea of the concept of making love in exotic destinations was quite shaken. Add to this, the fact that dolphins (of all the creatures) are jealous of this, and we have good ol’ Jamster in a fix. There go my plans of purchasing a personal submarine.


2 thoughts on “Deep Sea Love anyone?

  1. LOL ! Yes.. i read it too. And tossed the paper away. Front page news ! Dolphins getting jealous of human love making !!! I was just expecting some environmentalist to step in to stop this deep danger to the fragile e-co-system !! 😉

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