Crime Time

Another guest post from my all time favorite guest contributor, who sadly still wants to remain anonymous

Technology has reached new heights and so has crime.

I read this article in the ET 2 days ago where the bank account/credit card holder receives an automated call to say that a major transaction has taken place and to call back a number for further details. When calling back the number, the automated message requests the caller to enter their credit card # /bank account # for retrieving the details of the transaction and voila! the crook has all the details to withdraw money from your account.

Talk about creativity and innovative thinking! These guys are apparently called ‘vishers’- coz i think your money all goes away in one “whish”!

No matter how many times you have heard this here are a couple of do’s and don’ts.

– Never ever disclose your pin, Credit card verification value #, Credit card number, Bank account number.If it is somebody from the bank calling you, they should have these details already and shouldn’t be asking you for it.

– If you ever get such calls, it would be a great idea to call the bank/credit card company directly to verify if they wanted any information. Never disclosing any details to an incoming call would be a safe option.

Also, did you hear about the real-life spiderman who climbed apartments from the outside, got into them and burgled them? When this acrobatic burgler was finally caught, he mentioned that people in higher floors in apartments did not bother to secure their windows and it was easy to get into them. Ironically, the wallpaper on his mobilephone was, yeah you guessed it – Spiderman!

Seriously, talk about crime reaching new heights!



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