How a boss is cloned!

Just read this funny article under the column Cubicle Culture by Jared Sandberg in the online edition of Mint.

Hilarious is the only way I can describe it. In fact, I would go far enough to say that maybe Jared Sandberg has been inspired a lot by Scott Adams and Dilbert.

The article basically goes on to say that in today’s corporate world, although a lot of premium is paid to performance, potential, and ability to work in and lead teams, a vast majority of employees still believe that the best way to make it to the next level is by aping the boss.

And by aping, he is not just referring to the style of work, and style of managing things, but aping to the extent of facial hair, out-of-office interests, accentuated English, etc.

This article just made me think if I was doing some of the same, and lo and behold, I kind of ended up with at least two or three things that I have unconsciously aped from the person I report to.

I guess it is a function of admiring someone who has made it through the ranks because of sheer hard work, determination and grit, and trying to ape those qualities. But somewhere down the line, the aping seems to encompass these other superficial things as well.

Hmmmm, food for thought. What say people?



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