Creating Brand You

Just finished reading this article in BusinessWeek and had to put up a cross-link on the blog.

The article refers to a decade-old old article written by Management Guru, Tom Peters, called “The Brand Called You “, in which Tom had talked about how critical it had become for all managers and CEOs to start creating brands around their personalities.

The current article in BusinessWeek examines the relevance of Brand You in today’s context. It talks about how easy it has become today for managers and employees to create brands around their personalities. The way they work, the way they interact, the way they delegate work, the way they deal with issues, all of these form important components of Brand You.

However, the flipside of Brand You, as the article discusses is the fact that suddenly we have a complete generation of working professionals who want to become “Corporate Megabrands” a-la Donald Trump or Rupert Murdoch. Most of these people don’t realise that they simply don’t have what it takes to move from being just another has-been brand to superbrand.

Interesting read this, for people who are consciously making an effort to be noticed in the workplace and outside.



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