MNCs = More New Cultures

Another interesting article in BusinessWeek titled “A Guide for Multinationals“.

What makes this particular piece interesting is the fact that for a layman who has no idea how multinationals function in today’s “global village”, this article gives you the ‘How Multinational Companies function – 101’.

The author speaks about how global giants such as IBM, Accenture, Nokia and the like today are coping with the irrefutable fact that they are stuck in a situation where it has become inevitable that they have to integrate their entire global workforce to find innovative solutions to the complex problems and issues that their clients present to them. Today’s marketplace has become so complicated that it is ignorant to think that any problem would have an easy solution.

It is no longer a fad to talk about cross-cultural multi-locational teams working together to solve a problem. In fact, what is envisaged in the near future are truly multinational companies integrating the best people and best resources at their disposal to find solutions and get work done.

The fact that I personally am a member of one such team is probably the reason why I found this article so refreshingly interesting. Although it is something that forms the ‘bread-and-butter’ portion of my daily routine, the fact still remains that this is one aspect of work that I rarely give a conscious thought to. I guess being part of a multi-locational and multi-cultural team has become part of my work-DNA.


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