Hyderabad Updates

As the title says, the main purpose of this post is to give regular followers (yeah right!!!) a small update from the City of the Nawabs, which is going to be ‘home’ for the next few months (or years) to come.

First things first, I have reported to the new office, albeit with a few minor hiccups with regard to the Background Check (which officially kicked off only on Friday), and the fact that I didn’t have a damn passport picture of myself to spare for the stupid bank account for crediting my salary. Both my mistakes, I must add.

Otherwise, I’d like to think that I’ve beautifully settled down into the rented premises on the second floor, considering that I’ve cooked my first dinner, my first breakfast, and washed my own clothes for the first time in more than 16 odd months (post IIM Indore days).

The only thing that bugs me the most about the current situation is the fact that I pretty much don’t have anybody yet to share my initial thoughts about Hyderabad with. Yes, the wife is quite accessible by phone, but hey, it is just not the same sharing thoughts over an audio medium when compared to an audio-visual medium, ie, in person. But then the wife is only around 2 months away and that truly is a blessing in disguise.

So then, catch you later folks!!!



6 thoughts on “Hyderabad Updates

  1. Cooool, Jam. nice to hr u r getting settled in our gr8 city. Since when, not having ur wife around has been a problem? phone’s the mode of commnication u guys r best at so far ;). gud 2 hr u doing ur own stuff. when suba finally moves in, she would get lots of help….neways, all the best for everything.

  2. First off, I like this blog template. It’s not glaring as the earlier one.Anywya, living a bachelor life must be quite something after getting married. Roam around a lot and keep us popsted!

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