Hyderabad – Callous attitude of commuters

I wonder what it will take for the vehicle users in Hyderabad, both cab drivers and regular vehicle users to develop a basic level of respect for other commuters on the roads and human life in general.

Case in point – There is an initiative called “Free the left lane” (blog link: http://trafficinhyderabad.blogspot.com/) whose main purpose is to clear the so called “Free left lanes” in all 4 corners of the busy Cyber Towers junction around a kilometer away from the IT hub of HiTec City.

I have personally seen volunteers of the FTLL wearing their reflector vests and white caps, trying to regulate traffic between the busy hours of 8.45 AM till around 10.45 AM in the mornings when the entire IT/ITES population of Hyderabad converge on this junction.

Now what irritates me the most and pains me is the fact that most of the damn commuters in this city simply couldn’t care less for these guys who are pretty much putting their lives in danger by standing there in the blistering heat and inhaling all the carbon monoxide fumes from thousands (probably lakhs) of vehicles that pass by. Forget following the simple instructions these guys give the commuters, most drivers in fact go far enough to abuse these guys and go on and break the traffic rules anyways. And all this for what, just to get a 10 second head start when the traffic light goes Green.

I probably understand if this sort of behavior is exhibited by cab drivers and auto drivers, but then, even educated people (I would assume most IT/ITES companies recruit Graduates at an entry level) are partners-in-crime to lots of varied traffic offenses committed on a regular basis.

This is where my initial point of the absolute and complete lack of respect for traffic rules in particular, and human efforts in general come down to. While I agree that it is impossible for more people to become part of this initiative themselves, the least they can do is to respect the voluntary efforts put in the FTLL. The only thing they have to ‘pay’ to do so is around 10-15 seconds of their valuable time.

Wonder when Indians in general and Hyderabadis in particular will learn to respect others’ efforts.



2 thoughts on “Hyderabad – Callous attitude of commuters

  1. Yea, I’ve seen this happening in Mumbai too.. its a new phenomenon nowadays.. the race to outpace the next car/bus/auto/bike.. what is increasingly frustrating is the use of unnecessary honking! It seems everyone has run out of patience!

  2. We just hope that someday in Hyderabad, people will actually wait patiently till the signal turns green . We hope that someday people will smile and let the other vehicle pass. :)Mighty difficult, but then nothing is easy.RegardsSameer

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