Mother to Mother-in-law

What is it with mothers of single-sons and their natural affinity to new daughters-in-law? Ever since “the significant other” (referred to as She in the remainder of this post) has walked into my life (and more importantly my mother’s life), life as I know it has seemingly turned itself upside down.

A brief background to this (emotional) outburst. I have always had this sneaking suspicion that my mother always wanted a daughter of her own and was all along waiting for me to get married just to pamper her daughter-in-law and do all those things with her, which she couldn’t do with me (considering the natural limitations that me being a guy posed).

My mother tried her hand at teaching me to cook a few years ago, she’s unsuccessfully tried to force the whole ‘cleanliness’ habit in me, she had this ridiculuous 1930 hrs curfew limit on me till I got into undergraduate college, she used to call me up almost every day of post-graduate hostel life, she ensured that I got my 3 meals a day even when I was halfway across the country, she even bought light green curtains for my room at home. All these years I just thought that all of these things were natural motherly instincts, her watching my back kind of thing, which all mothers do with their children (irrespective of gender). However, of late, I’ve had this sneaking suspicion that most of this molly-cuddling has to do with the fact that I comply with her wishes and get married sooner than the initial 29 yrs. deadline of mine. And man, was I correct or what?

What makes me say this? The fact that she absolutely refuses to talk to me nowadays. All the phone calls are directed to She, even when the phone is with me, it is only to scold me for being rude to She, and fighting with She although She is wrong. It’s almost like I don’t even exist, and even if I do, it is only to ensure that She lives a good life.

Nowadays, even if I’m trying to initiate a conversation with Amma, the topic somehow invariably comes around to She and how I can make her life better by being more understanding, more patient, less demanding and the whole thingammajig where I would basically have to shut up and follow She around like a small puppy. “How come you don’t take her to the temple?”, “Why are you screaming at her for everything?”, “Try and understand, she’s pretty much left everything behind and come with you”, these are just a few sample statements that I get from my mother nowadays.

All this from a person who I thought always had my back and knew me the best. Man, does marriage change things or what? At least for the in-laws. Well at least, I have a Mother-in-law who loves me more than she does her daughter. He he he.



6 thoughts on “Mother to Mother-in-law

  1. Whoa. It’s good in a way coz we guys have no problems in most things and the very fact that your mom and wifey are getting together well is half the marriage related troubles out of the window!

  2. indha pasangalukku eppadi irundhaalum thappu daa saami…. maamiyaarum marumagalum adichchi kitta thappu…. onna irundhaalum thappa??!!! ;-)Machaan Jam…. onnu sollaraen kaelu…. enna vaa irundhaalum, avanga rendu paerum madyathula nee maattikkaadha…!!

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