Freedom of speech and Blogging

Firstly, let me admit that I am not a big fan of splitting people up on the basis of religion, gender, race, color, country of origin, occupation, language, sexuality, etc. In fact, I’d like to believe that on most occassions I am quite neutral in all my dealings with people, and approach people and situations with an open mind, without prejudices of any sort.

Case in point, me being a regular reader of (as is evidenced by the fact that I have cross-linked it on my blog), I came across this linked article which was supposed to talk about “Amidst the hype and hoopla of NRIs returning to India, Vikas is not that sure of doing the same thanks to denial of individual rights”.

When I actually went to the article and read the same, what struck me as the most surprising was the intensely personal remarks that people had put up as comments to this post. More than being pro-Indian most of these comments struck me as being anti-US and more anti-NRI in nature.

Almost all the commenters here seemed to attack Vikas in a personal way, rather than bring out the facts of the issue. All of them brought out one-off personal instances and mild aberrations in the way the US Govt works, and the culture of the US.

To me this seems more like a case of sour grapes at least as far as the Commenters go.

As far as my opinions on the post go, I believe that all the folks involved, viz, Vikas and all the commenters probably need to have at least a little more factual information before they go ahead and make personal observations of the nature of “maybe I will not return to India”.

But then, hey, that’s a personal opinion put up on a personal blog, so I guess it’s all right. I am quite sure that the Creative Commons License or some website somewhere protects bloggers’ freedom of speech and the right to put up whatever you want on the internet. However, considering that some of these blogs are quite widely read, maybe, just maybe people need to be a little more sensitive to readers’ feelings before they speak up about issues like these. As the saying goes “With great power comes great responsibility”. So all you fellow-bloggers, remember, we have great power in our hands.



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