Yevano Oruvan – Forthcoming Tamil movie

Now one trailer which caught my attention in recent times was that of ‘Yevano Oruvan’ (loosely translated means – ‘Some One’).

The sheer intensity with which Madhavan mouths the dialogue which goes something like – ‘Born into anonymity, live in anonymity, and die without anybody even giving your corpse a second thought! It’s better to die than to live like this!‘ If that dialogue wasn’t enough, I managed to catch a few teaser scenes of the movie like the conversation that Madhavan has with his wife played by Sangeeta in which she cribs about her husband’s honest-to-goodness attitude and how it has brought the family nothing but trouble and headaches.

I personally am a big fan of Maddy’s plus the fact that this movie seems to have a theme similar to most contemporary Mani Ratnam movies, ie, middle class man caught up in the dirt and slime of the society, sheer callousness and insensitivity of the world around him, vents his anger violently, etc. makes it all the more reason enough that I am eagerly waiting for this particular flick to make it to the movie theatres.

When I went to wikipedia to find out more about this movie, realized that it is a remake of Dombivili Fast, another movie which I had heard about quite a few months (or was it years?) back. All in all, Yevano Oruvan seems to be a must-watch movie for the near future.



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