God’s Own Country

What took shape in my head as an outlet to endless weeks of the ‘home-office-home’ schedule for 5 days a week and the ‘home-dirty clothes-TV’ schedule over the weekends, ended up being quite a surprising bonanza to say the least. I am referring to the 11 day long hiatus that I took from the City of Nawabs to visit God’s Own Country and Namma Bengaluru.

Taking advantage of the fact that both Christmas and New Year’s Day fell on Tuesdays, I managed to wangle out around 5 days of leave to get 11 complete days out of office. The initial plan was to spend 2 days each in Tripunithura, Thrissur and Palakkad, Kerala and 5 whole days in Bangalore with no set plan in place. The fact that I had relatives and in-laws in all these cities with a little spare time meant that all I had to do was to land up there and then we would plan to do something with our time there.

First up, after landing at Tripunithura and meeting with up with Sreeram (of Severe Critic blogging fame), spent a good portion of 2 days at his place, with one show of ‘Om Shanti Om’ thrown in for good measure (review to follow soon). Added attractions of Tripunithura were – (a) Thanmaatra (a brilliant Malayalam movie, review to follow later) (b) Cheeni Kum (c) Amazing dinner at The Grand Hotel in Kochi in that order.

Small change in plans, and I landed up at Palakkad instead of Thrissur as planned earlier. Palakkad brought with it the wonderful sights and (lack of) sounds at the Dhoni falls. Now although I didn’t get to visit the actual waterfalls itself because of the fact that we were accompanied by 50+ folks (sorry Raju Chittappa and Chelli Chitti) and getting to the falls involved a 3 km steep trek through the forest. However, we managed to spend an amazingly peaceful hour at a smaller rivulet (which btw, was an offshoot of the Dhoni falls). I managed to rediscover my shutter-bug instinct and gave the good ol’ Canon Powershot some work to do. Managed to get quite a few decent pictures which I ll probably upload on the blog sometime soon.

Next stop was Thrissur which was quite uneventful except for the fact that I managed to catch one of the biggest Tamil blockbusters of 2007 – Pokkiri on DVD. I will surely have to put up a review of that sometime soon as I was quite impressed with the movie itself.

As for the Bangalore leg of the annual year-end trip, that will have to wait for the next post (to avoid being too verbose, and also to make you folks come back to the blog at least one more time)



4 thoughts on “God’s Own Country

  1. Kerela..! Ah, its been ages. And i could see it through your post..wish i could be back there !! Ah..next is Bangalore ! Wringing my wrist in anticipation !

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