Namma Bengaluru

A follow up of my earlier post, circa, December 28th, 2007, I was setting foot on the hallowed grounds of Namma Bangaluru after all of 117 days of 2007 (approximately 32% of the whole of 2007, damn, that is a big number). Background to all these numbers, when I managed to land a job in Bangalore during my placements at IIM Indore, I didn’t quite envisage a situation where I would probably be anywhere else in India other than the IT City (considering that I’d managed to wangle myself a job in that same sector, but then, life has its funny ways!!!). Anyways enough time spent musing about how much I miss Bangalore, it is time to give the details of the Bangalore leg of the vacation.

As usual, the trip to Bangalore had to include the mandatory trip to National Market to shop for DVDs (this is a ritual which dates back to good ol’ IIM Indore days when this was probably the only place where I could go movie shopping with the limited budget that I had in those days). Ended up buying some of the top grossing movies of 2007 (inspired by my earlier post where I realized that I had pretty much missed watching most of these movies this year caught up in mundane things like moving into a new apartment, settling down in a new job, getting married, and stuff like that). In any case, this was pretty much the first step in living up to my New Year’s Resolution for 2008, which reads thus “I hereby solemly swear to try and make more time for all good movies released in 2008, and ensure at least a 50% coverage of the top 10 grossers at the same time next year”.

Hey, hold on, this is like taking a step backwards, coz although my resolution says that I will make more time for movies released in 2008, I have ended up buying movies that were released in 2007. Well, I guess something is better than nothing, what say?

In any case, did nothing too ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ in Bangalore except for the fact that I actually consumed moderate quantities of liquor five days in a row, which I haven’t done for a long time now. Actually the last recorded instance of such an occurrence is well before blogging days (which btw began in April 2004, damn, it’s been a long journey, and I am growing old, grrrr!!!)

Managed to spend quality time with Ganesh, Paddy, Kishore, Rajaram and Panchy, all of whom treat me for the piece-of-crap that I actually am. These are guys with whom neither my IIM diploma matters, nor the fact that I work for a prestigious company matters, the only thing that matters to them is the fact that we are still friends and have shared some really wonderful moments, some amazing ups, some depressing downs, and all of these have been shared over some high and happy drinking sessions. That is the only thing that matters to these jokers and that is what makes their company so wonderful.

Brought in 2008 with some mild shots of Whiskey and loud snores next to the Missus. Am sure she had better ideas to ring in the first New Year after our wedding, but the jerk that I am ensured that I pretty much brought it in the way I’ve brought in earlier ones as well, sleeping away to glory!!! All in all, a quiet Bangalore trip, just the way I like it.

Keep watching this space for some movie reviews, one after the other, coming soon.



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