Peter Roebuck vs Ricky Ponting

Sheer brilliance in usage of words, and absolute unadulterated anger and probably the only two terms that I can think of when I think of this article by Peter Roebuck in the Sydney Morning Herald. If I may quote some of his words here –

“Beyond comparison it was the ugliest performance put up by an Australian side for 20 years…..

That the senior players in the Australian team are oblivious to the fury they raised among many followers of the game in this country and beyond merely confirms their own narrow and self-obsessed viewpoint……

The notion that Ponting can hereafter take the Australian team to India is preposterous. He has shown not the slightest interest in the well-being of the game, not the slightest sign of diplomatic skills, not a single mark of respect for his accomplished and widely admired opponents……

Probably the worst aspect of the Australians’ performance was their conduct at the end. When the last catch was taken they formed into a huddle and started jumping up and down like teenagers at a rave. It was not euphoria. It was ecstasy……

Ponting has not provided the leadership expected from an Australian cricket captain and so must be sacked……”

Now, just to clarify my stand on this issue, being an avid supporter of Indian cricket myself, I personally am not too happy or excited at the way things have turned out for the Indians at the Sydney Test Match or in general the Australian series so far. But then, this scathing attack by Peter Roebuck on Ricky Ponting seems to be a case of the writer taking out more than his fair share of personal vendetta using the media as a tool.

Given the fact that Roebuck himself is not a ‘saint’ in any case, his comments on the way Ponting plays the game and leads the Aussie team probably need to be taken with a pinch (or rather the entire bottle) of salt. Read this Wikipedia link to understand a little more about Roebuck’s “glorious” history with the game of cricket.

After reading some of the things written about Roebuck in what is probably considered the most open and honest of all information sources on the web, I seriously doubt Roebuck’s intentions with lambasting Ponting in this manner.

As for my thoughts regarding the entire Harbhajan racism issue and the Sydney Test, considering that this issue occupies most of my mind-space nowadays, I guess a post is long due. So keep watching this space for more cricketing tit-bits and other arbit stuff.



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