Enough already!!!

And now it is the Indian’s turn to act childish and ensure that all their demands are met before they take to the field again. The latest development is that although the ICC has removed Bucknor from the rest of the series, and have agreed to appoint a neutral Commissioner to hear the appeal against the Harbhajan ban. But the twist in the tale is that BCCI has agreed that the tour will go on only if the ICC’s appointed commissioner rules the appeal in Harbhajan’s favor.

The BCCI might as well ask the ICC to completely overthrow the ban on Harbhajan and while they are at it, they might as well make demands such as withdraw all the wrong decisions made by Bucknor in the test, ensure that the Aussies don’t play Symonds or Clarke or Ponting, have Brett Lee bowl all his overs with his left (or better still his right) hand tied behind his back, have Bhajji’s mom make some Aloo Parathas and Chaas and serve them only to the Indian team during the drinks breaks in the remaining test matches, well, you get the drift.

Yes, the umpires goofed up. Yes, there is inconclusive evidence to ban Bhajji. Yes, the Aussies are a boorish team. Yes, Ponting claims of ‘playing the game hard and fair’ are restricted to just playing hard and not necessarily fair. But then, this is life, and you guys are part of a system.

And the system dictates that ICC is the top governing body for cricket in the world, while the BCCI is just one of its constituent members who are supposed to abide by ICC Rules. The BCCI is just digging its own grave by trying to flex its financial muscle with the ICC. I am quite sure (and I won’t grudge them against it) that the ICC probably won’t think twice before de-recognizing the BCCI and banning them from international cricket for a while just for this tirade they are carrying on in the name of national pride.

The timing is just right for Sharad Pawar and Anil Kumble to be exemplary statesmen and diplomats (not necessarily in that order), to shut up, have a small press conference to say all that has transpired is water under the bridge, probably shake hands with the Aussies and carry on with the rest of the series. They shouldn’t play for the galleries, read, the Indian public and the media circus that we call journalists, but shut up, shape up and carry on with the game. Coz after all as the saying goes, “the show must go on!!!”


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