Japanese Tea Garden – San Francisco

Well, since I was moving out of the West Coast this week, and Bhasky has plans of staying in the US for quite some time to come, it kind of became mandatory that I visit him this weekend as well, considering that neither of us knew when we would meet each other again in the future. So off I was to Sunnyvale the second weekend in a row.

Although we didn’t quite have a clear plan this weekend, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we approached the entire weekend with an open mind and ended up spending Saturday afternoon in the Japanese Tea Garden at the Golden Gate Park, San Franscisco. Now, for a bit of history about this place, this garden was initially built as part of the World’s Fair of 1894 held all over California . This is the oldest Japanese garden in the US and is a collection of various Japanese style gardens, sculptures, and bridges. Now while this may not seem like much, this is one place which must be seen to be believed.

The sheer variety of colors and hues that one gets to see at this garden is quite simply put breathtaking. Given the fact that it officially is Spring Time in California , plus the fact that Saturday was quite a warm and bright day, we witnessed the garden in all its glory. While the garden itself is quite crowded with visitors, the fact that it is quite vast and expansive ensures that everybody in there gets his/her own time to make peace with the surroundings and with one’s inner self.

This garden embodies the entire concept of Zen, which means mindful acceptance of the present moment, letting go of self conscious and judgemental thinking. All the bridges, the stream, the statue of the serene Buddha, the flowers, the kids running around, all of these will surely make anybody forget all his worries, tensions, stress, and relax when he is in the garden.

A slide show of the pictures captured on Bhasky’s new Nikon S-10 are here –

Japanese Tea Garden



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