Concord – likes and dislikes

Here’s a list of 5 things that I miss the most about Concord –
1. The fact that Concord was one of the most scenic places with lots of green spaces all around. Although I hear Charlotte is also like that, the fact that I am stuck in the Business District of the city doesn’t help me in getting to see the greener part of town.
2. I actually miss the BART (Bay Area Rapid Tranport) trains. Although I used them only during the weekends, the fact that I kept hearing the train pull into the Concord station, and haven’t heard them for over 24 hrs now feels a little wierd.
3. I miss the fact that Bhasky was only like 2 hrs away by train. Man, did I enjoy the journey there, and the sights that Bhasky was kind enough to show me. BTW, I have always enjoyed Bhasky’s company, guess we share the same wavelengths on most things in life.
4. I miss my very own smoking area in the apartment, the balcony. I actually have to get out of the entire apartment complex here to have a smoke.
5. I somehow liked that apartment at Concord more than the one here. The place was lot more spacious and a little more well decorated than the one here at Charlotte.

Taking it forward, here’s 5 things that I absolutely don’t miss about Concord –
1. The fact that it was damn easy for the Hyderabad team to get in touch with me there. They used to call me twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night. Although it must be said that I forced them to do it. The poor chaps, they thought they had rid of the menace called Jairam for 8 weeks, when I bugged them to no end during the first 4 weeks.
2. The fact that the closest supermarket was 10 mins walk away from office, that too in the opposite direction from the apartment. Charlotte has a supermarket almost bang opposite my apartment, on the way to office.
3. Indian food was practically non-existent in Concord, Charlotte has at least one place where I intend to grab lunch every working day here.
4. In terms of work, I was an island at Concord, doing my own stuff with anybody in person to interact with. The team at Charlotte is a lot more engaging with me personally, and that is how I enjoy doing my work.
5. The crazy fast drivers at Concord. Although I used to stand and walk on the sidewalk, I somehow couldn’t reconcile to the speeds at which those guys there used to drive.



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