Ronin – The Lonely Samurai

The Ronin were a group of Samurai during the feudal period in Japan without a master. Historically, a Samurai was supposed to commit Hara Kiri (ritual suicide) upon the loss of his master. However, there were Samurai who chose not to honor this code and “was on his own”.

However, as time has gone by, the Ronin have been immortalized in popular culture to mean somebody who is as deadly as the Samurai and who operates all alone. Ronins have attained legendary status in Japanese popular culture as individuals who single-handedly display all the warrior-like qualities of the Samurai and walk the hard path of life alone.

Now before you begin wondering why I am talking about Ronins and Samurais, let me give a brief context to this post. One of my colleagues from Chicago has decided to move on and pursue other opportunities in a Proprietary Trading Firm called Ronin, and this prompted me to draw parallels between him and the Ronin.

Now while the fact remains that I have not actually worked with this colleague of mine personally, the few interactions that I have had with him, and the stories that I have heard of him from others who have actually worked with him illustrate the fact that there is probably no term other than “Ronin” which aptly describes him.

This post therefore goes out to you Will, all the very best in all your future endeavors, and continue on the path of the legendary Ronin.



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