Chilled out trip to Chicago

It’s been three days since I have returned from Chicago and haven’t yet found time to post about it. Man, I must be growing old or something.

Anyways, there I was on Friday afternoon at Charlotte Douglas International Airport waiting for my US Airways flight to Chicago to take off, and all the horror stories that I had heard about the Chicago O Hare Airport was coming true. Apparently, the damn airport was so crowded that the ATC told the guys at Charlotte not to take off the flight from here as they had no way of monitoring it in the air. Anyways, after 2 hrs of delays, I got into the flight.

The flight itself was quite uneventful except for the lovely browsing of the Skymall magazine by me. It is a catalog of things that could be bought while you are in the air, just by filling out a form and handing it over to the air-hostesses. Some of the things in there are quite nice, and if I were staying in the US I might have even bought some of them. In any case, the catalog managed to help in killing my time on the flight itself, especially considering that they did not serve any meals on a one hour flight.

At Chicago, met up with Shyam, an old buddy with whom upto now, I haven’t had too much of interaction with (leave alone a budding friendship). Upto now, Shyam had only been Naveen George’s roomie, but after this trip I can genuinely say that we have some kind of a friendship for sure. Both Shyam and Naveen ensured that my stay at Chicago was pleasant and as fun as they could make it to be.

As far as sightseeing goes, I walked the entire shopping area of Michigan Avenue and window-shopped at the Apple Store, Gap, Ghirardelli’s, and some other stores. All in all quite a decent experience I must say. I also saw the famous Chicago Bean, and that is quite a masterpiece I must say. More about the Bean at this Wikipedia link here. This is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Didn’t do too much sightseeing otherwise at Chicago. However, managed to catch two matches of the IPL happening back home, and man, was that an experience or what. I ll probably put up a post about that sometime soon, considering that most of India is caught up in IPL frenzy right now.

Naveen and Shyam managed to fill me in on quite a few insights into how the organization that I work for operates from the inside. But this blog is no place for stuff like that.

In any case, suffice to say that the trip to Chicago was quite chilled out.



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