Goodbye, farewell…

Well, as the saying goes ‘All things, good and bad, must come to an end’. No wait hold on, before you go making assumptions that maybe I am putting an end to the blog, let me reaffirm that I was only talking about my US Trip.

As I sit here at Chicago O Hare Airport and use free Wi-Fi to type this out and post it, let me assure that somehow I get the feeling that this probably will be my last post from the US for a long long time to come. Why do I say this? Because the industry that I work in, Banking, is severely reeling from the sub-prime crisis and any international travel both to and from India doesn’t quite look possible for the next few months at least, and in my estimation, for a few years.

So here’s bidding farewell to the United States of America, and honestly, am quite looking forward to setting foot in the melting pot (quite literally) that we like to call Hyderabad (or home).


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