Nikhil Alva – made to eat humble pie

I just came across this interesting interview with Nikhil Alva which gives us an insight into this maverick Reality Show maker’s mind. His company Miditech is currently producing show like Indian Idol, Fame Gurukul, Roadies, and if all you middle-aged people remember a show called Living on the Edge, it was Nikhil and his brother Niret who came up with concept sometime in the mid-90s when Indian television viewers had not even heard of the concept of Reality Television.

Although this post was meant to highlight his particular Livemint interview of Nikhil’s, the last line and I quote – “Rajyavardhan Rathore, our best bet, is not in form; and Abhinav Bindra does well everywhere else but freezes at the Asiad or Olympics,” is reasonably hilarious, especially after the performance of the said shooters at the Beijing Games. Anyways like people say, it is easy to put down somebody especially after he has been proved so conclusively wrong.

Not to take anything away from Nikhil and his wonderful achievements, but this time around, especially when it comes to his perception of Indian shooters, Abhinav Bindra and Rajyavardhan Rathore, both seem to have combined well together to prove Nikhil’s predictions woefully wrong.

However, the interview itself is a reasonably delightful one in which Nikhil recollects his childhood days, his relationship with his brother and wife, who are also his colleagues at his company, and his views on the Reality Television Scene in Indian television today.


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