Since it’s been a while since I have found time to update the blog (due to official and unofficial reasons), just thought I’d give some food for thought for readers who like browsing news websites –

The first link is a Times Online link for an interview with Mark Otty, new CEO of Ernst & Young worldwide. Interesting insights into the man’s personality and his way of thinking. This interview holds a special place for me as my first job was with Arthur Andersen, and I guess somewhere deep down in my heart, I will always remain an accountant/consultant. The interview deals with the changes that Otty has in store for E&Y and the probably challenges he will face.

The second link is an awesome column by the evergreen Thomas L Friedman in the New York Times regarding the vastly different paths that the Chinese Govt and the US Govt have led their respective economies down over the last seven years. He starts off with how just a few days before the 9/11 incident Beijing won the Olympics bid and how 9/11 changed the entire focus of the US Govt. Since then China has gone from strength to strength in infrastructure development and image-building while the US has focused on maintaining its security and economic interests over the world with military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. This article provides us with a reasonably unique perspective of a majority of the last decade for these two countries and economies.

The third and probably the most interesting link is that of the official Google comic released just one day before they made the new browser Google Chrome available for download by users. Touted by industry analysts to be the Internet Explorer killer, this piece of marketing by Google for their new browser is simply awesome. For someone like me who doesn’t understand as much technology as techies do, this comic presents the new features of Chrome in an extremely easy to understand format.

Until the next post, cheers, goodbye…………Jam


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