Financial Meltdown – A nice article

‘Tectonic Shift’, ‘Financial Meltdown’, ‘Fall Street’, these are some of the terms being bandied around nowadays on Wall Street and all over the world for the past few months (more so in the last 3 days now).

In fact over the last 3 days, I have read so many many articles and news clippings just to get a more variety of opinions and feelers of the ground realities.

Here’s a link to a really good article which puts things in perspective using language which even a non-finance related layman could easily understand. Three correspondents from the Wall Street Journal have put this up on the website and it provides a good breakdown of what actually is going down in the US Financial Markets right now.


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Image Courtesy – The Telegraph UK


2 thoughts on “Financial Meltdown – A nice article

  1. DudeThe cartoon that you have put up is just one slide of a presentation. Its a very very serious matter – comparable to a holocaust. Dont think its worth laughing about.

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