London Tales – Part 1

For the uninformed, the Missus is on a three month jaunt to the Ol’ Blighty (read London), and I thought this would be a nice small travelogue series. Most of the lines in the quotes below are her words, with some bits and pieces edited by me for typo errors, and usage of politically correct words. Read on, if you want an outsider’s perspective to life for an Indian employee at London –

“The journey in the plane was fairly uneventful, On my way to Dubai met a Golti (read Telugu person) working in Emirates, all he wanted to know was the salary and how much he would get if he jumps from company to company. From Dubai to UK, an Arab sat next to me who didn’t know how to speak or write English. He was so fat that couldn’t fit himself in the one seat allotted to him. Also in the middle of the night, he removed his shoes which made me wake up because of the stink. Food was not bad – nothing extra ordinary though. In fact the breakfast of egg rolls was actually a little pathetic.

When I arrived, got the immigration stamp and when I tried to collect the baggage, nothing was coming through the luggage belt though my flight number was displayed on the board. I waited there for 20 minutes, thought of reporting loss of baggage which is when I noticed one African-American searching for his suitcases from among those kept beside the machine. I started searching for mine and realized that I forgot what mine looked like. Finally I opened the side zip of one of them to confirm that it was my suitcase. The London Cab cost me 88 pounds, however the driver was helpful enough. The apartment was in a mess when I came in, the housekeeper told me that it had to be cleaned and it took half an hour for that. Then finally I tried searching for Canada square, I got lost and was shit scared until I finally managed to find my way back to the apartment.”

Looks like the Missus had a reasonably scary first day in a new country. Remember, this is her first trip abroad and she therefore was bound to make at least one mistake on the very first day. All in all, I think she has managed beautifully. What say folks?



3 thoughts on “London Tales – Part 1

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