London Tales – Part 2

Life just seems to be getting better and better for the Missus back in London. As the following lines seem to suggest, she seems to have some nice teammates back there at London. Here go the London updates –

“Now I see that life is more easy here for working women

– There is a dish washer which can wash all the vessels
– There is a washing machine+dryer which makes our job easier
– The supermarkets have all the things that any woman can think of
– Indians can get all types of veggies including chillies, I’m sure the masalas can be found in some Indian shop
– All people here follow the queue in super markets

Basically, life is much easier if you have people following rules, you see cars stopping for pedestrians to cross and realize how much the people place importance to rules.

Also when I came here, my team mate had arranged for 3 notebooks, 3 pencils, 2 pens, a headset, a blackberry [hone, a post-it note pad, a marker, my security pass, and 3 monitors!

What more do you need from your team mates!


Well, life just seems to be getting better and better for her there.

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