What happens in Vegas – Movie Review

There’s this famous saying that goes “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas“, and I have seen enough movies and TV Sitcoms with this particular situation where people get married in Vegas on a drunken binge and then the subsequent realization of the ‘mistake’ and consequently the divorce situation.

However, what makes this movie different is the fact that the protagonists Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) and Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) end up winning the jackpot the next day, and end up fighting over who actually won the 3 Million Dollars as it was Joy’s quarter but John’s spin which actually won the money. When this messy situation ends up in court, they happen to run into the one judge who absolutely hates the entire concept of ‘instant marriages’ in Vegas and the divorces.

He orders that just for the fact that the two actually got married, they had better put in decent efforts to try and live together as a married couple, failing which the money would be impounded by the State Commission. This puts the couple in a fix as they are polar opposites of each other and absolutely hate each others’ ways of life.

What follows are the efforts of each other to outwit each other and make the other person walk out of the marriage to get sole custody of the money. Some of the gags they try to pull on each other as part of these efforts include stripper parties, bringing in ex-boyfriends into the picture, emotional blackmail using the parents, etc. All in all, a host of funny situations for the viewers.

Like all romantic comedies, this movie also does not spring up a surprise ending. It also ends up with both of them falling in love with each other. However, what makes this movie worth a watch is the sheer pace with which the story moves. The run time of 99 mins doesn’t have even one moment of boredom in it and keeps the viewer engaged throughout with enough laughs thrown in.

Plus the fact that I have always had a soft corner for Ashton Kutcher from ‘That 70s’ Show’ days and have always liked Cameron Diaz from her ‘The Mask’ days meant that this movie had it all going, as far as I was concerned. The only regret I had though was the fact that the Missus was not with me when I actually watched it. Anyways, she’s back in January and I will surely see it once again, this time with her next to me, which will double the fun.



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