Home is where…

Home is where the mornings are so foggy that visibility is probably only like 25 mtrs in front of you at 6.45 AM

Home is where the auto-drivers do not hesitate to turn the meter, but will still ask you only for around 10-15 Rupees more than the fare

Home is where most of the small tea shops are open at around 7 AM in the morning

Home is where the potholes in the roads have been at the same places and spots for more than 8 yrs now

Home is where friends are just a loud call away

Home is where cousins and friends just need another cousin’s room to sit at for more than 4 hrs with nothing but conversations to keep us company

Home is where friends don’t think twice before getting fully drunk, and getting unnecessarily sentimental and teary eyed about 2 decade long friendships

Home is where mothers of old friends still recognize you and tell you that you pretty much still look like the geeky gawky teenager when you were 15 yrs old

Home is where old friends catch up with you at Malleswaram Coffee Day and still talk to you for more than 2 hrs without pausing to catch a breath

Home is where your mother still needs you to go with her to the electronics store and buy her a music system

Home is where you dad still asks for your help in copying files from a pen drive into a CD

Home is where the college bell still rings every hour and a half bang opposite the front gate

Home is where the heart is

Home is Sanjaynagar, Bangalore


3 thoughts on “Home is where…

  1. Keep making trips home Mahabore!!! :)And keep feeding your blog – its one way of knowing what all exciting things you are upto when you arent in Bangalore!

  2. Ah well, the Mahaboran being a Palakkad Iyer is not too far from a Kochi, Palakkad or for that matter any part of southern Kerala, as far as the heart goes!!!Cheers………Jai

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