More than just a manic Monday

A long overdue post from my favorite guest author. However, I truly feel sad for what she had to go through on Monday evening in Bangalore –

Just another Manic Monday sang the Bangles but honestly they couldn’t have imagined it to be as manic as it was on the Monday gone by in Bangalore.

It was the wrong day to leave office at 6.00 pm (yeah yeah Monday blues and the late night calls that I thought I would take from home made me leave at 6.00) But little did I know what was in store for me.

The whole of North Bangalore was choc-a-block. There was not an inch of space. There was bumper to bumper traffic. All because there was a JDS Rally that was being held in Palace Grounds – apparently to show their strength as a party – yes yes H D DeveGowda has ways of causing problems when he isn’t in power as well!! The rally brought in 2000 buses into the city from Hassan, Tumkur and other places only to find that they couldn’t enter the city let alone park anywhere so they jammed most of the roads in Bangalore!!

My journey that started at 6:00 pm ended at 10:15 pm- travelling 12 kilometers took us 4 hours. There were times when we moved 10 meters in 10 minutes and then stayed put in one place for 20 mins! I took my call in the cab (damn! Should have just stayed in office!), the cab driver had his dinner while waiting in traffic and there were others who were playing games in the cab to entertain themselves.

Once my call was done at 9.30 and I found that we had still another 3 kilometers to head home, I got off and started walking. Luckily with all the traffic, there were tones of people all around, so walking at 9.30 wasn’t a problem. After around 40 minutes of walking, I reached home – completely drained of any energy only to realized that it was only a Monday and that there was another 4 days to go for the weekend to come by!!!

Whoever allows these rallies to be in the city and that too to be organized on a Monday (The weekdays are bad enough without any rallies!!)? Why cant these rallies be organized in Hassan or Tumkur instead?! Why should the aam aadmi bear the brunt for all this? Kumaraswamy in today’s paper says the people in urban Karnataka need to know the suffering of the rural farmers – How? by being stuck in traffic?!

JDS isn’t getting my vote – Ever.


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