No Reservations – Movie Review

I happened to catch this heart-warming movie “No Reservations” sometime recently on Star Movies and boy, was I glad I stayed up to see this entire movie or what. Although this movie has nothing earth-shattering or immensely path-breaking to write about, the fact that it conveyed a simple, yet reasonably strong message using an easy-going narrative was what makes this a must-watch movie as far as I am concerned.

The movie starts off with the depiction of Master Chef Kate (beautifully portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones) who is, for lack of a better term, a control-freak as far as her kitchen in concerned. She lets her life be defined by the fact that she is pretty much the best chef in town who is so damn good at her job that she probably doesn’t need anything else or anyone else define her. She is so much of a workaholic that her boss forces her to see a therapist every week, who in turn ends up hearing more about her recipes, and her love for cooking more than anything else.

Kate’s life is turned upside down when her sister is killed in an accident and her niece Zoe (played by the cute Abigail Breslin) moves in with her. While Kate is trying to settle her niece down at her home, her boss hires a stand-in sous chef Nick (wonderfully played by Aaron Eckhart) at the restaurant. While juggling between her new house-mate and her restaurant, Kate begins to realize that there probably is just that bit more to life than just food and recipes and cooking. And the fact that Nick is better able to connect to Zoe and become friends with her faster than Kate is able to complicates matters even further.

What follows in the movie is Kate’s ultimate realization of what she wants to do with her life, Zoe’s reconciliation to the fact that Kate after all is not too bad to live with and Nick ending up showing both the girls some joy and happiness in their lives. Albeit, a regular romantic film, this movie will stay with me for a long time simply because of the fact that this will remind all workaholics that there is more to life than just their jobs. This will teach them to be defined by who they are rather than what they do for a living.


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6 thoughts on “No Reservations – Movie Review

  1. Yes the movie wasnt great, but it was nice nonetheless. 🙂 They start a place of their own with the three names on the front right? I loved that because I want to start a place of my own someday…ah well, someday!

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