Reign of Fire – Movie Review

Now I personally have always liked well made science fiction movies which involved a nice dose of action sequences. And so when Star Movies recently played “Reign of Fire” I immediately plonked myself in front of the TV and ensured that I kept the remote away to prevent me from watching something else. The fact that the movie also starred Christian Bale in his pre-Batman days also meant that I had to watch this movie completely this time around.

The movie itself takes place in the near future where dragons have pretty much taken over almost the entire world with just a scattering of humans surviving the scary fire-spitting beasts. Quinn, one of the survivors of the dragon fires, lives in Northumberland alongwith a small community of survivors. Their hope is to outlast the dragons, wait until they die of starvation and then try to live a normal life. Unfortunately for Quinn and his men, they are running out of food themselves without any means to grow more.

Their lives are interrupted by the arrival of Denton Van Zen (played wonderfully well by Mathew McConaughey) and his group of heavily armed men. They narrate tales of how they killed dragons all over America and have flown over the Atlantic as part of their travels. They also narrate their hypothesis of how they think that there is one alpha male dragon who is germinating all these other female dragons. Their findings have led them to believe that this alpha male is located in London.

Upon being refused help by Quinn in this insane quest, Van Zen and his unit make their way to London. On the way though they encounter a road block where the male dragon arrives and incinerates all of them except Van Zen and Alex, the chopper pilot. The dragon then backtracks on Van Zen’s path and all but burns down Quinn’s castle down to the ground.

This spurs Quinn into action and the three of them make their way into London for a final showdown with the alpha male. Whether they succeed or not is what makes up for one of the most scintillating climax action sequences in recent times.

What works for this movie is the fact that it takes a tried and tested theme of good versus evil, a huge beast which can easily kill all humans in one shot, the lone hero who beats all odds to fight and ultimately triumph over evil. Plus the fact that it has Christian Bale who lends just that bit of the human emotion of fear and uncertainty, a bit more of humanness to the heroism of the character makes it all the more interesting. Add to this the fact that I am a sucker for good action sequences, which this movie has a generous dose of, and Reign of fire becomes a good movie for me.

All in all, a must watch for any die-hard action movie aficionado.

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