Paul Blart:Mall Cop – Movie Review

Paul Blart is able to do everything that a New Jersey Police Department recruit can do………well, almost everything. In his n-th attempt at the selections, he completes almost the entire obstacle course collapsing around 2 feet before the finish line due to hypoglycemia. Now any movie which begins with roly-poly Kevin James (of “King of Queens” fame from Star World) almost successfully completing an obstacle course gives you a pre-cursor of how the rest of the movie is going to pan out.

Paul Blart works as a Security Guard at a mall in New Jersey. He is one guard who takes his role very seriously and is more than judicious at his duties. His only gripe in life is the fact that he has to keep stocking up on small sugar packets to keep his hypoglycemia (medical term for low blood sugar levels) in control. His life pretty much revolves around his job and his attempts into trying to get into NJPD, while his mother and his daughter are trying to hook him up with some nice girl from

Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping nights of the year is coming up and Paul is all geared up for the maddening crowds. Everything goes peacefully, and just when Paul is about to get off his duties, he is asked a favor by his friend to help him close the arcade store. While Paul is focused on playing Rock Band – The Game on a console, a gang breaks into the mall and prepares to take the mall by force assuming it to be completely empty. This results in a situation where Paul is caught up bang in the middle of the heist completely unawares of the soup that he actually is in.

Whether and how Paul actually manages the situation is what makes up the rest of the movie. While this is a run-of-the-mill comedy-action movie, what makes it reasonably good are the characters, the simplicity of the storyline and the sheer speed with which the film-makers wrap up the movie.

If you have liked Kevin James in his television roles, you will surely love him in Paul Blart : Mall Cop. Go on catch the movie, you won’t regret it.


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