Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen – Movie Review

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen begins with Optimus Prime narrating how thousands of years ago, a race of ancient Transformers landed on Earth looking for energy sources such as the Sun. Known as the Primes, they used Sun Harvesters to drain stars out of their energy to power Cybertron’s AllSpark. However, the Primes had an understanding that they would not drain stars which supported planets with life-forms such as Earth. But one of the Primes, henceforth called “The Fallen” constructed a Sun Harvester on Earth breaking this rule. The other Primes sacrificed their bodies to hide the Matrix – the key that activates the Harvester, from the Fallen.

The movie itself takes off with events immediately after the first movie. The Autobots have teamed with the US Military to form a crack team, NEST, aimed at killing the remaining Decepticons on Earth. While on a mission in Shanghai to destroy Sideways and Demolishor, they are given a warning “The Fallen will rise again”. Now this particular action sequence shot in IMAX simply takes your breath away and is a precursor to the action-fest that this movie actually is. The Demolishor in particular is one scary Decepticon and it takes the combined efforts of more than one Autobot to get the better of this monster villain. All in all, a crazy, sexy first action sequence for this movie.

Back home Sam Witwicky is getting ready to go to college, but has to leave Bumblebee behind, which does not necessarily go down too well with the loyal Autobot. While packing his stuff, he finds an AllSpark splinter left behind from his earlier adventures, which he gives to the oh-so-hot Mikaela Jones for safekeeping. Without him realizing it, Sam’s touching the splinter triggers in him the power to see the map to the Matrix. When in college, Sam starts seeing symbols (which are later revealed to be Cybertron script) in his head, while the rest of the world thinks he is going crazy. This particular sequence reminded me of the obsessive Richard Dreyfuss who keeps seeing a hill in his head in “Close Encounters of a Third Kind“. In any case, Sam calls up Mikaela, who in the meantime has captured Wheelie, a Decepticon who tries to steal the shard from her.

What follows in the rest of the movie is pretty much this, Decepticons get the shard, bring back Megatron to life, who kills Optimus Prime, gets in touch with the Fallen to activate the Sun Harvester, while Sam and friends try to locate the Matrix to destroy it, to ultimate save the world. Suffice to say, good guys on the run, bad guys trying to destroy the world, some awesome action sequences thrown in, a pyramid almost razed to the ground. Now if that doesn’t make for a good action movie, what does.

One sequence which I just have to mention when talking about this movie is the one in which the Decepticon Devastator is formed. Now this damn big monster of a Transformer is seen to be believed. And trust me when I say this, this had to be one of the best IMAX sequences ever. The sheer scale of this scene is something which I cannot forget for a long long time.

This is one movie which any action buff who also likes a bit of sci-fi in movies will absolutely love. However, this has to be seen in IMAX for the complete experience. I would surely give this movie at least one viewing, especially if you liked the first movie.

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2 thoughts on “Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen – Movie Review

  1. I loved the first transformer movie, good acting, great humor . The second was very bad. I was super anxious for transformers 2 and after about an hr I was anxious to leave.

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