GI Joe – The Rise of Cobra – Movie Review

As a small kid of around 8-10 yrs old, I massively used to enjoy the GI-Joe cartoons that used to be telecast on Doordarshan. And when my cousin got a complete set of the GI Joe dolls from his uncle in Dubai, we were thrilled to bits playing with them. In fact, if memory serves me right, these were the first dolls in India where the elbows and shoulder joints could actually be turned around, which gave these dolls more flexibility.

And therefore, when ‘The real American hero’ franchise was taken up by Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment (with a franchise license from Hasbro Inc), I readily knew what to expect. A plot by the omnipresent Cobra to end the world, with the Joes coming together to save the world from imminent doom, and I also knew that Cobra Commander would invariably find a way to slip from the grasp of the Joes at the end and make the way for a return to his evil devious ways.

And GI Joe – The rise of Cobra doesn’t disappoint on any of the above respects. A fun-filled action fest peppered with enough action and chase sequences to keep even the most skeptical action-movie fan engaged for almost its entire running time. Given that this is the first movie of the franchise, it was to be expected that the script would include introductions to some primary characters such as Duke, Ripcord, Scarlett, the Baroness, Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander himself.

While the movie script itself has taken quite a few liberties and deviated significantly from the comics or cartoon series, it still retains the primary elements of each of these characters. What makes the movie all the more interesting is the fact that although it contains more than a few flashback sequences, they are interspersed with all the action happening around, and are brief enough to retain the audience interest in them.

Some decent casting with a good mix of new faces, well known faces, absolutely lovely location choices such as Paris, Prague, Egypt, and some mind-boggling set action sequences make this action fest a front-runner for this summer’s Hollywood ‘mindless’ action fests. GI Joe, in all respects adds to the growing list of cartoon character turned movie franchise list, and by no means a weak member to the same, given the merchandizing opportunities it presents to the brand.

Am not giving away the script or what the movie deals with here in this review, but suffice to say that if you had enjoyed the cartoon and the comic book series, you will surely love this movie. And even if you haven’t read or heard about the Joes before this movie, it still remains a nice action movie to be seen on a widescreen TV. My only grouse is that maybe the director could have shot some sequences with an IMAX camera, and that to me, would have added a lot more weight to the movie itself.

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