The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Movie Review

Now if any of you have ever seen ‘The Mummy’ or ‘The Mummy returns’, then you obviously are fans of the Mummy movie franchise. Suffice to say that in my opinion, these movies are the closest that any of the movies made in the 21st century can match up to the Indiana Jones franchise. Yes, yes, I know I am overdoing it by comparing the Mummy movies to Indy Jones and his adventures, but then, as a series of movies where continuity of the characters, and style of story-telling the Mummy movies are as close as they get.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor takes off around 13-15 odd years after the events of The Mummy Returns. Alex O’Connell, son of Rick and Evelyn follows in the footsteps of his father and unbeknownst to his parents, is bang in the middle of an excavation in China. He locates Emperor Han’s tomb and excavates the mummy out of its resting place and puts it in a museum. Rick and Evelyn, brought to China on an errand bump into Alex.

All 3 of them are then captured by the evil General Yang whose devious plans are to bring back the Dragon Emperor to life and to make him the undisputed ruler of China and serve as his Chief of Staff. The Emperor is then brought back to life and what ensues is complete chaos as his first mission is to locate Shangri-La which would then point out to the exact location of his entire undead army. The story then shifts to the Himalayas where the O’Connells unsuccessfully try to prevent the Emperor from locating his armies.

Once the Terracota army is raised, what follows is the final battle between the army and some of O’Connell’s friends as they try to send back the Emperor to his ‘final resting place’, ie, to his final death.

What makes this movie a must-watch is the sheer entertainment value it brings to the table. Not one moment is wasted in unnecessary dialogue, slow paced action. The entire movie is riveting in terms of the pace of action, and the fact that we have familiar actors playing well-loved characters makes this movie all the more fun. The action and battle sequences have enough in them to excite fans of this genre, and the well executed CGI sequences add just that bit more fun to the movie. All in all, one movie to see if you are a fan of the Mummy franchise. However, if you didn’t like the earlier ones, you are better off giving this one a miss.

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