The Passion of the Christ – Movie Review

Now any of us who watch movies and somewhat follow the movie industry would remember the controversy that “The Passion of the Christ” caused the world over when it was released to the movie halls. While I personally was aware of some kind of controversy, I wasn’t a movie geek then to completely understand what it was all about. I assumed that it was just another one of those ‘religious controversies’ that movies dealing with Gods cause, and thought it had something to do with how Jesus Christ was represented in the movie.

However, after watching this movie, I realize (at least to some extent) how it might have hurt the sensibilities (not necessarily religious) of movie viewers worldwide. The extent to which this movie gets graphic cannot be described well in words and has to be seen to be believed. While Quentin Tarantino’s movies also get graphic, the audience is fully aware that it is ‘make believe’ to a large extent, but Mel Gibson pushes the envelope just a tad too far in a movie whose very premise had such historic, far-reaching religious connotations. The fact that he chose to depict some of these scenes the way he did speaks volumes about the extent to which he believed in himself, his material and his audiences. Kudos to him for having successfully pulled off a movie of this magnitude and nature and living to tell the success story.

The Passion of the Christ specifically deals with events surrounding the capture of Jesus of Nazareth by the Romans, his subsequent trial and crucifixion. More than half the movie revolves around the physical travails and punishments that Jesus has to undergo at the hands of the guards, how he is made to carry the cross and his final crucifixion itself. And it is common knowledge by now that these probably are the most disturbing scenes of the movie, at least visually.

Wikipedia quotes Gibson as saying “This is a movie about love, hope, faith, and forgiveness. He [Jesus] died for all mankind, suffered for all of us. It’s time to get back to that basic message. The world has gone nuts. We could all use a little more love, faith, hope, and forgiveness.” And believe me I really think this is an apt quote and I completely agree with the same.

Watch this movie only if you are not faint hearted, and have the stomach to see a lot of blood being spilt on screen.

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