The Jackal – Movie Review

‘The Jackal’, whose main storyline is based on Frederick Forsyth’s all-time great novel (and also one of my all time favorite movies, ‘The Day of The Jackal’) had almost always eluded me for some reason or the other. Either the DVD was scratched, or I had other commitments whenever the movie was played on TV. However, yesterday, I finally did manage to catch the movie in its entirety, and I don’t know whether it was all the anticipation and the long wait for this movie, but somehow the movie failed to really impress me.

What starts off quite promisingly slowly gets reduced to a dull, predictable story where you pretty much almost know what is going to transpire in the next scene. An assassin who nobody recognizes, another terrorist with a heart of gold who recognizes him, his ex-girlfriend, his current love interest, a honest-to-goodness FBI Agent, most of these characters are very stereo-typical. These coupled with a plot which any of us can easily predict makes the movie fall flat on its face.

What disturbs me is the fact that actors of the caliber of Bruce Willis, Richard Gere and Sidney Poitier are reduced to playing caricatures of each one of these characters. There are absolutely no layers to any of their characters. All of them are either black or white with not a hint of grey in their personalities. And this according to me is probably what brought the movie down, and made it dull and boring.

All this being said, the movie is reasonably decent and probably could be watched one time, provided your expectations are sufficiently kept low enough.

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