Rachel Getting Married – Movie Review

Every once in a while I watch a movie which just jumps out of the screen and bites me so hard in the brain that it pretty much leaves behind quite a lasting impression. ‘Rachel Getting Married’ is one such movie. I don’t know if it was the corny one-liner on the Tata Sky guide which made me choose this movie to watch over the weekend, or the fact that somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I remembered having heard of this movie as being a must-watch movie, whatever the reason there I was watching this movie, for some funny reason, expecting a romantic comedy. This movie, if not anything else, was not a romantic comedy by any stretch of imagination.

The movie starts with Kym (Anne Hathaway, in probably the best role of her career till date) being released from rehab so that she can go home to attend her sister, Rachel’s wedding, at home. When she reaches home, Kym realizes that life and circumstances simply aren’t the same anymore and she is more or less being treated extremely differently by everybody there. While her sister didn’t make her the maid of honor at the wedding, her father is extremely worried and concerned about her whereabouts and actions at all times. Overall, Kym can clearly see the disconnect that has developed between her and her family.

As the movie goes on, we learn that Kym had accidentally driven off her younger brother off a bridge when she was driving a car under the influence of drugs. This particular incident had a huge impact on her life and personality. The family also learns of how Kym had been using lies and pretence to evade responsibility for her addiction during counseling sessions in the past. This doesn’t go down too well with her sister and her father. To complicate matters further is the fact that her sister pretty much blames Kym for being an attention-grabber and how her addiction problems always ended up being the topic of discussion for the family. Overall, at one point in the movie, things reach a point where almost everybody in the movie hates Kym for all that she has done. How the rest of the movie pans out, and how Rachel eventually gets married forms the rest of the story.

While this movie remains for the discerning movie-goer especially in terms of the extreme amounts of seriousness it treats the subject with, in my opinion, this remains a movie for anybody who enjoys movies which deal with the inner psyche of individuals and the complexities that human relationships bring with them. Anne Hathaway as Kym and Rosemarie Dewitt as Rachel play perfect foil to each other, one as the sister who is looking forward to home, the wedding, and associated festivities, and another as the sister who has always blamed Kym for diverting the entire family’s attention to herself at all times, even at the cost of spoiling her wedding. While both sisters have a lot of love, affection and concern for each other, there is a lot of simmering tension and unresolved issues between both of them, which make this relationship especially interesting when it unfolds on the screen.

This movie is a must-watch for anybody who enjoys complex human relationships, situational tragedies and good performances by the actors.

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