Up – Movie Review

Carl Fredricksen as a kid, is a huge fan of Charles Muntz, the avid adventurer. However, Muntz is accused of fabricating the skeleton of a big bird which he claimed to have found during his adventures in Paradise Falls, South America. Muntz therefore sets off on another expedition to Paradise Falls and no one ever hears of him after this incident.

Carl in the meantime meets Ellie, falls in love with her, shares her zest for life including her adventurous interests. The title credits at the beginning of the movie chronicle the wonderful life that Carl shares with Ellie and how their dream of actually owning a house right at the top of Paradise Falls, South America remains just that, a dream. Ellie becomes ill and dies, leaving Carl an extremely sad, frustrated and bitter person.

As the years go by, Carl’s old house remains the only house in the locality with the rest of the area being sold out to huge skyscrapers and large concrete structures representing modernness. An unnecessary incident where Carl manages to inadvertently injure a construction worker results in a court order asking Carl to move into a retirement home and abandon his house. This sets off a chain of thoughts in Carl’s mind which end up in him resolving to make a trip (along with his house) to Paradise Falls, so that he could keep his promise to Ellie. He uses thousands of helium balloons and lifts his house off its foundations and steers a course to Paradise Falls.

Unknown to him though is the fact that he actually has a stowaway in the form of Russell, a young Wilderness Explorer, who was accidentally trapped on the porch of the house, in the process of earning his final merit badge for ‘assisting the elderly’. Thus begins Carl and Russell’s incredible adventures.

The rest of the movie deals with how the two of them get to Paradise Falls, encounter Dug, the talking dog, and Kevin, a mysterious friend. An unexpected twist in the tale also makes their visit to the falls a little more exciting and adventurous than they bargained for. All in all, an action filled last few minutes ends the movie on a really nice note.

While like most other Pixar animation movies, this one also rocks in the animation department, where this movie really scores is on the human emotions side of the story. Each one of the characters stands out in your memory due to their memorable quirks, character traits and above all the amazing vocal talents of the actors who have given their voices to these characters. No surprise then that this was one of the movies nominated for the Best Movie Academy Award this year.

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