Seven Pounds – Movie Review

Ben Thomas (Will Smith) is an IRS Tax Auditor who is prone to performing random acts of kindness to people. He has a unique way of selecting the people that he wants to perform these favors to, and goes on to the extent of donating his bone marrow and kidney to people for no apparent reason other than the fact that he just wants to do something good.

The first hour or so of this movie, the audience is left wondering as to why Ben actually performs these acts of kindness. The movie does show snippets of Ben being troubled by some disturbing memories of a car crash, and there is the news clipping that he keeps referring to which reads something like “Fatal car crash kills seven people”. However, the viewer is not given a clear idea behind his motive for his actions.

One of his kindness target benefactors, Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson) has a heart condition and a rare blood type which makes it almost impossible for her to find a donor for a heart transplant. The movie picks up pace when Ben falls for Emily who in turn seems to love him despite the fact that she knows her days are numbered.

To add to the confusion, we are introduced to Ben’s friend Dan who apparently seems to know what exactly Ben is upto, and also his brother, who turns out to be the actual Ben Thomas, IRS employee. The unravelling of the mysterious acts of Will Smith forms the climax and the crux of the movie ‘Seven Pounds‘. Albeit a simple script, Will Smith’s wonderful portrayal of emotions and acting prowess take this movie to another different level altogether.

Like Roger Ebert said about this movie, the fact that the audience is completely kept out of the loop as to why Will Smith does what he does is what makes this movie so interesting and rivetting. All in all, a must watch movie for anybody who likes Will Smith, as this coupled with ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ elevate him to one actor whose future projects will be eagerly anticipated.

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