Moneyball – Movie Preview

If any of you are fans of sports movies like Remember the Titans, Any Given Sunday or the like, then I am sure that you folks are gonna love Moneyball, the latest Brad Pitt flick based on the true story of Billy Beane, manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team in early 2000. 

While I still am yet to watch the movie, having read initial reviews and seen the trailer itself, it looks like one movie that I will enjoy quite a bit. It involves Brad Pitt, sports, and sports statistics. Add to this mix, the fact that it also involves one underdog team defying the odds to become successful, now what more do you require to make a good movie??? in this review quotes “Moneyball is the most cerebral sports drama since Any Given Sunday“, and given that I loved Any Given Sunday for multiple reasons, it looks like Moneyball is a sure-shot watch for me. Until the movie comes to theaters, lick your lips with the trailer below.

Update: I just read this review of Moneyball in the New Yorker magazine and had to put up the link here. Now if this doesn’t pique your interest in watching this movie, I don’t know what else will. 

PS: Another bonus in this link is that it contains the review of another movie 50/50  as well.

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One thought on “Moneyball – Movie Preview

  1. Great movie in my opinion. Slow at times but the acting/blended with some footage of the real games really set the tone of the movie. I haven't researched enough but if Billy really has the feelings expressed in the movie about his decision out of high school then it should be a movie for all athletes who have the opportunity to play pro baseball or go to college. It's a very tough decision for someone when they see the check. I would highly recommend the movie!

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