The Internship – Movie Review


Well it had been a while since I had seen an Owen Wilson movie and The Internship [IMDB Link] seemed as good a movie as any other. So I saw it and here goes a five point movie review of it.

  1. The entire movie seems like it has been paid for by Google. The movie deals with one entire summer where Nooglers (new interns at Google) in teams compete with each other in competitions to win permanent jobs at Google. All the action happens within the campus, you see red, blue, yellow and green everywhere. You keep hearing the word Google all the time. All right, I guess you get the picture.

    Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn wearing their Noogler caps
    Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn wearing their Noogler caps
  2. Unlike all the critics and reviewers who panned the movie calling it a corporate video, a recruitment video for Google, the longest in product placement in the history of cinema, there are some small heartwarming elements to the movie. However, it rides purely on the talents of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.
  3. A good ten minutes of the movie is devoted to a wild night out that the team has which in my opinion was completely unnecessary, and a waste of time. It left a reasonably bad taste in the mouth from what was otherwise quite a decent movie.
  4. Entirely predictable plot with easily guessable twists and turns made the movie boring, although the same argument could be used for calling it ‘easy on the mind’ and ‘relaxing’ given that you know exactly what is going to happen next.
  5. Absolutely hated the fact that the Director found it necessary to give that dirty over pronounced accent to the Indian character in the movie. While the character made for a more than worthy antagonist in the entire scheme of things, his stupid accent made him just irritating, that’s all.

    The stupid ridiculous Indian accent
    The stupid ridiculous Indian accent

Do I regret watching this movie? Was it a waste of time? No.

Would I watch it again? Probably not, if I had a choice.

Watch this movie if you just want some light hearted fluffy stuff to watch. Don’t expect too much and you might just enjoy it.


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