Movie round up – Week ended Nov 17, 2013

Kick-Ass_2_International_PosterKick Ass 2 [IMDB Link] was not quite as fun as I thought it would be. As is the case with badly made sequels this movie struggled with too many plot points to tackle and ended up being quite a messy affair. Given that I really liked the first movie, I saw this with some expectations and I guess that’s what proved to be its undoing. Not really worth watching unless you are a huge fan of the Kick Ass franchise.

Pain_&_Gain_film_posterPain and Gain [Link to review] turned out to be a surprisingly nice movie. Based on a true story, this movie starred the ever so dependable Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “Rocky” Johnson of WWE fame. I thoroughly enjoyed the role played by Dwayne and the black humor parts of the movie as well.

Parkland_posterParkland [IMDB Link] was a movie which sounded interesting in that it dealt with the events that immediately occurred after JFK’s assassination such as the hospital he was taken to, how Robert Oswald (Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin’s brother) was treated by the cops, the person who actually filmed the last few moments of JFK’s life and how the film was developed and post processed. Turned out to be quite a nice movie to watch with some powerful acting performances especially by Paul Giamatti.

Planes_FilmPosterPlanes [IMDB Link], which was universally panned by all critics and reviewers alike as being just too generic a movie without too much character ended up being quite true to its reputation. A standard rags to riches story where the underdog goes on to win a race around the world is not quite a new storyline, but what irked me the most was that it was almost as if the Director didn’t even make an attempt to make it a little differently. And why, oh why, did Priyanka Chopra have to waste her time in a movie which gave her almost all of 10 dialogs and around 7 odd mins of screen time. Didn’t she have better things to do with her time? Can easily miss this one without feeling too bad about it.

A_Good_Day_to_Die_HardA Good Day to Die Hard [IMDB Link] seemed more like a half hearted attempt to milk the already dead Die Hard franchise yet another time. At times it seems like Bruce Willis needs the money so much that he just ends up doing movies like these which don’t even have the old world charm that the first three movies in this franchise. In fact, I thought that the fourth movie in the franchise itself was one too many. The only good part about this movie is the crazy car chase sequence in Moscow in the first half, nothing more.

Kadal_Kadannu_Oru_MaathukuttyKadal Kadannu Oru Mathukutty [Indiaglitz review] was again another movie which I saw without knowing anything about it other than the fact that it starred Mammooty, and end of day, I still didn’t quite get the whole point of this movie. Yes, the protagonist is extremely troubled due to his wife constantly troubling him and nagging him all the while, and his impending trip to India is at least a few days of relief for him. But while this is established within the first 10 mins of the movie, the rest of it just seems to meander around not knowing what needs to be done. And then suddenly the last 10 mins of the movie seems to be hurried and rushed trying to justify why Mammooty is probably better off back in Germany itself. Didn’t make too much sense to me at all.


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