Saving Mr. Banks – Movie Review


I remember having watched the Mary Poppins movie when I was quite young, and although I don’t quite remember the entire movie I do remember it was quite colorful and was probably the first movie in which I saw real actors and animation combined together.

Therefore, when I read that Disney had made a movie about the story behind the making of this movie and it starred Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as PL Travers who wrote the Mary Poppins book, I knew that I just had to watch this movie.

Read my review of Saving Mr Banks, the movie here [Link to movie review]


2 thoughts on “Saving Mr. Banks – Movie Review

  1. It flirts with being sappy and melodramatic, but actually keeps its head above the water and gives us an honest look at what it’s like to be an artist, and always stand by your own creations. Good review Jairam.

  2. @CMrok93, yes, what particularly moved me in the movie was the part where PL Travers finally learns to let go of the Mary Poppins character and let Walt Disney take it and make it his own, so to speak 🙂

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